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Qualitek’s Value Added Services:

With full lines of production equipment and materials, Qualitek International technicians/engineers are able to help customers from choosing the correct products for their application through their customized process of production. Customers such as Kenny Honore from Tahiti and from Skokie IL is happy to vouch for Qualitek’s value added service program as Qualitek was able to help firswt hand with local support applying parts to repair I-phones for resale. Local suport plus materials, quick and convenient.

Profiling: Qualitek will assist customers in optimizing their reflow oven set up for their specific application using ECD M.O.L.E. profiling system and software. Qualitek engineers will assist in providing optimal reflow profiles that meet your needs for any alloy.

X-Ray:¬†Qualitek offers an on-site X-Ray Inspection Service to allow customers to navigate complex Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Components to detact trace defiects, counterfeit parts, short circuits and voiding. Qualitek’s state-of-the-art X-ray equipment (Jewel Box) that will assist customers in detecting defects (voiding) in BGA packaging Technology. X-Ray technology also has the ability to determine component placement verify rework results.