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Qualitek International, Inc. U.S.A. Established 1980

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Qualitek history can be traced back to 1980 when Solderex Inc. was incorporated in Illinois, U.S.A. to carry out the business of distributing soldering products, soldering equipments and tools from various manufacturers. In 1983 Solderex expanded its operations to a 5000 sq. feet building located at 418 W. Belden Ave., Addison, Illinois, USA. This expansion changed the major thrust of its business from distribution to the manufacturing of new technology soldering products; solder powder, solder paste, and liquid fluxes specifically designed for electronic assembling and surface mount applications. In 1984 the principals changed the company name to International Soldering Supplies, Inc. to better position the company for overseas markets and future expansion.

Over the next five years, the company grew as a manufacturer of soldering products sales expanded internationally extending to Asia and South America. In 1989 principals expanded the operations by occupying another 5000 sq. feet building and also changed the company name to Qualitek International, Incorporated. Qualitek signifies our mission to produce high quality and technology-driven products. The rapid growth required more employees and the Qualitek staff was increased from 10 in 1984 to 25 in 1989.

In 1991, with the rapid growth of surface mount assemblies and increase demand for solder paste in America and abroad, Qualitek International, Incorporated expanded and moved to its current premises located at 315 Fairbanks St., Addison, Illinois, USA a 45,000 square foot facility. At the same time, the Montreal Protocol was adopted, calling for the elimination of halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, substances known to cause the depletion of the ozone layer. These solvents are widely used in cleaning electronically assembled printed circuit boards. Through the active and outstanding work of Qualitek's Research and Development team, a new solder paste product was developed that eliminated the need for cleaning with halogenated hydrocarbon solvents and proved to still be electrically reliable. Delta No-Clean Solder Paste (Qualitek’s brand) won several major awards and major customers contracts. Qualitek joined the few companies to be recognized as a leading manufacturer of these types of products. Later, this particular product, was known to the whole industry as the no clean solder paste or cream and the single most important contributor to the change in the concept of assembling printed circuit boards (PCB). The cleaning stage can be eliminated without sacrificing the function ability of the assembled board.

As an attestation of its commitment to quality, Qualitek International, Inc. U.S.A. was awarded ISO 9002 certification in 1994 and QS 9000 certification in August 2000 (considered to be a more stringent quality standard required by the automotive industries) by Underwriter Laboratories (UL).



In 1996, Qualitek International, Inc. U.S.A. became a full and complete manufacturer of soldering products supplying the electronic industries and others by expanding its capabilities to produce various solder wire, bar and anodes.

Qualitek foresaw a movement in the electronics industry and focused on the Asia pacific region. Qualitek Singapore Pte Ltd. Was incorporated in October 1993. In 1998 Qualitek Singapore was awarded ISO 9000 certificate by SPRING Singapore (previously known as the productivity and standards board) in recognition of its quality management system in the manufacturing and distribution services for soldering materials. This achievement affirmed the Qualitek group of companies commitment towards providing quality products and services.

In 2001, Qualitek Singapore relocated to a new facility in 2002. This new manufacturing facility is approximately 38,000 sq. ft. and also houses an advanced research and development program on lead-free products under a grant awarded by the Singapore Economic Development Board-Innovative Development Scheme (IDS).

In 1997, two major expansion projects were concurrently undertaken to position Qualitek as a group of companies strategically located worldwide. Qualitek Delta Philippines, Inc was set up as an inter-company supplier of solder powder as well as a supplier to the major electronic companies in the Philippines and the neighboring countries of China, Korea and Taiwan.

Qualitek Delta Philippines, Inc. was incorporated under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) program, created by the Government of the Philippines to encourage foreign investors to invest in the country. The construction of a 55,000 sq. ft. building was completed in September 1998 occupying a land area of 10,802 sq. meters.

Today, Qualitek Delta Philippines, Inc. manufacturing operations are fully equipped with proprietary powder atomizing and classifying equipments, metal extrusion and wire drawing machines, coil winding and spooling equipments, chemical mixers and several metal processing equipments. Quality control, research and development laboratories are also equipped with spark analyzers, atomic absorption spectrometers, laser particle analyzers and various application instruments and staffed with chemists, engineers and lab technicians. Given the numbers of atomizing systems and the amount of solder powder produced in this facility, it could be considered one of the largest producers of solder powder in South East Asia. In 2002, Qualitek Delta Philippines, Inc. was awarded a Pioneer status by the Philippines Economic Zone Authority for the production of solder powder, solder paste and soldering fluxes.

In 1997, Qualitek Europe Ltd. was established in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, to provide a modest solder paste blending, warehousing and logistics facility for distribution of soldering materials to customers in the United Kingdom and other European communities. Due to the rapid growth of electronic companies and growing demands for immediate response to technical problems, technical support on products, and the shrinking lead-time for the delivery and availability of products, expansion was inevitable. In September 2000 relocation was completed to the northwest midlands at Unit 9 Apex Court, Wirral International Business Park, Bassendale Road, Bromborough, Wirrall, England. The new facility is equipped with complete state of the art instrumentations in the Quality Control, Research and Development laboratories. The manufacturing capabilities include solder paste production and liquid flux production. It warehouses and distributes our complete product line.


By the year 2002 Qualitek Europe, Ltd. has increased its distribution from 9 countries to 14 countries and the customer base from 15 to 65. It has developed and stabilized the work force. In December 2002, the British Standard Institute certified Qualitek Europe, Ltd., as an ISO9001:2000 company.

In 2004 Qualitek International developed a lead free green solder paste. A revolutionary visually distinguishable GREEN paste that helps eliminate the liability of confusing Sn/Pb and led free pastes in a mixed production environment. The green color in appearance allows operators to readily distinguish it from Sn/Pb paste. During reflow the green color dissipates, leaving normal metallic joint appearance. Post reflow redidues are clear, but UV detectable to further distringuish lead free from leaded solder on assembled ciruit boards.

In 2007 Qualitek introduced a patented lead free soldering alloy SN100e, made from Tin, Copper and Cobalt processd to create a solder that exceeds the most common purity specition requirements. This low cost alloy contains no silver and is RoHS compliant. The melting point is 228oC and recommended oeprating temperatures are between 260-270oC

In 2008 Qualitek International continued to develop and improve on product performace focusing on improving formualtion for lead free processes. Tacky paste fluxes PF608 no clean and PF 708 water soluble lead free assembly were developed.

In 2013 Qualitek developed Lead Free Low Temp. Soldering kits for heat sensitive assembly. Complete kits are sold as well as individually.

In 2014 Qualitek offered a low silver solder alternative for those requiring silver solder SAC 105 for lead free solder paste lower cost still contains silver.

In 2016 Qualitek has introduced a New Ecolloy Alloy. Ecolloy Alloy outperforms SAC 305 in drop test and contains no silver so it costs less. This special patented alloys is avilable for Delta wire solder and Delta Solder Paste.

In 2016 Qualitek further improved on a revolutional solder paste that is No-Clean, Lead Free and temperature stable 825HF outperforms all and or any competitor brands and does not require refridgeration.

In 2016 Qualitek developed Delta NC611 a no clean lead free wire solder for lead free circuit board assembly and rework. NC611 has been designed for superior activity, clear residues and fast wetting action.

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