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Qualitek Bar Solders  

Qualitek Solder Bar is designed as an alternative to standard Sn/Pb for electronics assembly and is available is both leaded and lead-free alloys (see leaded or lead-free alloy charts for properties).  Qualitek Bar Solder conforms and exceeds the impurity requirements of IPC J-STD-006C and all other relevant standards. Q-Bar is made from grade A Virgin metals. Quality standards for all Q-Bar exceed J-STD 006 and ASTM B-32. | Bar Solder Technical Data & SDS |

Solder Bar Packaging Options:

Q-Bar Tin/Lead 2.2 lbs. each / 22 lbs. per Box
Q-Bar Lead Free 2.0 lbs. each / 20 lbs. per Box
Equalizer Bar Tin/Lead 11 lbs. Each / 44 lbs. per Box
Equalizer Bar Lead-Free 10 lbs. each / 50 lbs. per Box
Q-Chips 5 lbs. per Box & 50 lb.Pails
Qualitek bar solder is available in a wide variety of alloy compositions. Most may be found by viewing our Standard Alloy Chart and Lead Free Alloy Charts.

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